• Welcome to your 2020 Culminating Tasks 

    The focus of PPL 20 course is on physical activity. Through active participation in individual, dual, team, fitness, and interactive games you have explored and continued to improve your movement skills, personal fitness, and personal competence. The final expectation of this course is that you will develop a commitment to lifelong participation in enjoyable physical activities.

    Tournament Play: Students will be paced on a team and mini tournaments will be organized. Students will have an opportunity to perform movement skills, demonstrating an understanding of the basic rules, strategies and movement concepts while playing basketball, badminton, volleyball and touch football.                             10%

    Physical Fitness Testing promotes a basic level of fitness among students, through performances in five physical fitness tests: sit up test, 20m shuttle run test, hand-release push-ups, jump rope test and hamstring looseness test. You will be paired up with a partner and you will complete all 5 fitness tests and record your scores.      10%

    Student Reflection Questions: Students have investigated issues related to healthy active living, decision making, the use and misuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, and healthy sexuality.                                                                                                     10%

     The final expectation of this course is that you can communicate the above curriculum expectations through self-reflection and reading comprehension.

     Part A and Part B will take place January 6th – 12th, 2020

    Part C will begin Friday January 17th, Monday January 20th and Tuesday January 21st, 2020

    The Student Reflections are divided into FIVE Parts; Part A, Part B, Part C, Part D and finally Part E.

    You will find a LINK to each of the parts. 

    These links will only be accessible duirng PPL20 class times. 


    form 2  PART A  


    form 3  PART B


     form 4  PART C


    form 5  PART D 


    form 6  PART E

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