All students have been advised of how we are proceeding at this point.  Work including video lessons,  homework take up, quizzes etc. will generally be handled on MS Teams.  If anyone does not have internet access or has difficulty logging in, please contact via email at cory.warner@cdsbeo.on.ca.  If email is not possible, please have a classmate email me on your behalf with a phone number and I will contact you.

    If students did not bring their textbook home, here are a couple of options to access them.  Nelson/McGraw Hill Ryerson and Pearson have provided free access for a period of time.

    Nelson and McGraw Hill Ryerson

    Pearson Textbook Instructions

    These can be very trying times everyone.  Please try to stick together, stay safe and wash your hands!


    Hi and welcome to the SNC1D - Grade 9 Academic Science course.  I have included some basic information about the course and my classroom.  You will not see a ton of information or links here as I am using Microsoft OneNote and Teams for the digital platform in the classroom.  All students in my class will have access to the following: 

    • Class notes are updated on line as I write them during the lesson.  It's a great way to catch up when your away. 
    • Quizzes will be posted (a blank to try again, and a solved copy for reference). 
    • Homework sheets for each chapter or unit. 
    • Learning goals for each unit. 
    • Videos related to various areas of the content. 
    • Announcements and reminders related to the course. 
    • I'm going to try to pilot posting assignments in MS Teams and have the students submit digitally via the Turn It In platform.  This is a work in progress. 


    All students are expected to verify that they have access at the beginning of the semester. 

    Unfortunately, only STUDENTS can have access to the on-line materials because I can only select from individuals registered with CDSBEO.   

    Please see the attached course outline and parent's letter below for further information.

     Course Outline and Parent Letter