• Date Lesson Homework
    Monday, October 2 -continue Hindu deity presentations
    -introduce Hindu symbols assignment
    -choose topics and start research for Hindu symbols assignment
    Tuesday, October 3 -continue Hindu deity presentations
    -work on Hindu symbol assignment
    Wednesday, October 4 -continue Hindu deity presentations
    -work on Hindu symbol assignment
    -complete Hindu symbol assignment for Friday
    Thursday, October 5 -review Hindu symbols
    -introduce caste system (class activity)
    -read article "History of India's Caste System" (see Links)
    -view documentary clips (see "Caste System and Women" and "Dalit Caste" links)
    Friday, October 6 -read p.118-126 of textbook
    -complete handout entitled "Hindu Paths to Salvation"
    -review p.118-126 with Kahoot quiz
    Monday, October 9 THANKSGIVING
    Tuesday, October 10 -review "Hindu Paths to Salvation" handout
    -present Hindu symbol posters
    -read "Descent into Hell" article on the BBC website
    -read p.126-140 of textbook, and complete "Personalized Religion Dictionary"
    Wednesday, October 11 -discuss arranged marriages in Hindu culture, and brainstorm arguments for and against arranged marriages
    -work on opinion paragraph on arranged marriages
    -complete "Personalized Religion Dictionary"
    Thursday, October 12 -work on opinion paragraph on arranged marriages
    -watch video clip of Australian talk show debating arranged marriages
    -Kahoot quiz for p.126-140
    Friday, October 13 -read p.141-151 of textbook
    -read article entitled "India: Sex with child brides ruled as rape by Supreme Court"
    -yoga in the library
    Monday, October 16 -discuss Indian Supreme Court decision about marital rape
    -watch A&E documentary on Gandhi (see links)
    Tuesday, October 17 -read BBC handout on scriptures
    -view videos on Rayamana (see "Rayamana animated" and "Ramayana and Mahabharata"
    -view video on Bhagavad Gita (see "Gita's message" and "Bhagavad Gita" links)
    -work on handout with quotes from Hindu scripture
    Wednesday, October 18 -Kahoot quiz (p.141-151)
    -review handout with quotes from Hindu scripture
    -study for test
    Thursday, October 19 *Test on Hinduism
    Friday, October 20 -watch documentary entitled Minimalism
    Monday, October 23 -watch introduction to Buddhism (video)
    -create Inspiration web diagram on Buddhism
    -read p.159-168 of textbook
    Tuesday, October 24 -review completed Inspiration web diagram on Buddha
    -watch video on Buddha (School of Life)
    -complete handouts: comparing Buddha's First Sermon to Christ's Sermon on the Mount
    Wednesday, October 25 -University carousel in the gym
    -introduce meditation handout assignment
    -watch TEDTalk on happiness and the mind
    Thursday, October 26 -work on meditation handout assignment
    Friday, October 27 PD Day
    Monday, October 30 -work on meditation handout assignment
    -edit and type essay response from the Hinduism unit test
    Tuesday, October 31