• ENG 3U English

    Instructor: Mr. Danik Lafleur


  • Welcome to English Class!

    I'm looking forward to teaching you this term. Please use this webpage to keep yourself organized in the course. On the page, you'll find: a summary of daily lessons and homework in a monthly chart (see Schedule) documents used in class and organized by unit (see Files) information about assignments (see Assignments) links to useful websites (see Links)Before moving on, join the class by clicking …

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  • Logging into CDSBEO E-LEARNING

    For this course, you will submit all of your assignments to the digital dropbox available in the CDSBEO e-learning site.

    To access the dropbox, click on the "CDSBEO E-LEARNING" link, and then insert your login information: Username: first.lastname (e.g., john.wallace) Password: 123456 (can be changed once you have logged in)Select the ENG 3U course from your selection of course, and then click …

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  • Logging into Office 365

    Follow the link labeled Office 365 in the Links section. Follow the following to log on to Office 365.
    Your login
    first initial of first name
    first four letters of last name
    last four digits of student number
    Example: John Wallace's login would be jwall2345@cdsbeo.on.ca if his student number is 8642345.

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Discussion Topics

  • Dark Psychology

    Posted by Danik Lafleur on 10/31/2013 8:00:11 PM
    What does Macbeth tell us about the human mind?  How is the play an exploration of the psychology of evil?
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  • Visions and Hallucinations

    Posted by Danik Lafleur on 10/31/2013 7:52:53 PM

    Does Macbeth see a dagger leading him to Duncan's room, or does he imagine it?  Justify your response by recalling other times in the play Macbeth sees either visions or hallucinations.

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  • Appearances versus reality

    Posted by Danik Lafleur on 10/31/2013 7:48:17 PM
    We identified many quotes that point to the theme of appearance versus reality in the play.  Post one of these and explain the quote. Why is the theme so important in the play?
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  • Ambition in Macbeth

    Posted by Danik Lafleur on 10/31/2013 7:41:30 PM
    Look over the handout with quotes about ambition.  Choose one you feel describes the role of ambition in Macbeth and/or best sums up the moral of the play.
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