• ENG 4C English

    Instructor: Mr. Rob D'Alessio

    This course emphasizes the consolidation of literacy, communication, and critical and creative thinking skills necessary for success in academic and daily life. Students will analyse a variety of informational and graphic texts, as well as literary texts from various countries and cultures, and create oral, written, and media texts in a variety of forms for practical and academic purposes. An important focus will be on using language with precision and clarity and developing greater control in writing. The course is intended to prepare students for college


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  • Culminating Review

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  • Test Review

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  • Due Dates (updated: Feb.25th)

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  • The Greatest Film Ever According to...

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  • Journal

    Is there a difference between an entertainer and an artist?

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  • Short Story prezis



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  • Social Science Fiction

    Social science fiction is a subgenre of science fiction, usually soft science fiction, concerned less with technology/space opera and more with speculation about human society. In other words, it "absorbs and discusses anthropology", and speculates about human behavior and interactions. Exploration of fictional societies is a significant aspect of science fiction. It can often be precautionary as …

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  • DNA Connections


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  • Palidromic poem

    Worst Day Ever?by Chanie GorkinToday was the absolute worst day everAnd don't try to convince me thatThere's something good in every dayBecause, when you take a closer look,This world is a pretty evil place.Even ifSome goodness does shine through once in a whileSatisfaction and happiness don't last.And it's not true thatIt's all in the mind and heartBecauseTrue happiness can be attainedOnly if …

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  • Business Writing Grammar Links

    http://bowvalleycollege.ca/Documents/Learning%20Resource%20Services/Library%20Learning%20Commons/E-Resources/Study%20guides/writing%20d …

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  • #TrendThink

    #TrendThink is our own class hashtag this semester for use in our discussion board and on Twitter to promote social commentary and class-inspired observations regarding social justice and potential paradigm shifts #paradigmshift

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  • Scientific innacuracies

    Titanic, Twister, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012, Superman IV, Star Trek, Armageddon, Dante's Peak, Volcano, Independence Day, Deep Impact, and now, San Andreas, all have scientific inaccuracies; is this OK? (See link: "Scientific inaccuracies").

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  • Why Colonel is pronounced "kernel"


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  • Examples of oxy morons


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Class Files

Discussion Topics

  • Peace

    Posted by Rob D'Alessio on 9/18/2013 6:41:00 AM
    Do you think peace in the world is possible? Explain. 
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    Posted by Rob D'Alessio on 7/10/2012 4:01:00 PM
    Anyting you want to talk about that relates to what we have debated (or class content or links etc). This "chat" is currently open to ENG3U, ENG4C, IDC4O, HZT4U, CPW4U, ENG1D, and CLU3M (eg. Interpret the quote: "Some laws are better than others.") (Eg."  I just saw the Hunger Games. Like the book it is based on, it is a philosophical and political film and it is a dystopia film. Here, you can share your thoughts, keeping in mind that the film has drawn varying interpretations for its political overtones, including arguments in favor of left-wing, right-wing, and libertarian viewpoints. The film displays a general distrust of government, regardless of the audience's political party affiliation.  Some viewers formed an opinion about The Hunger Games as a parable of the Occupy Wall Street activity.  The top 1% richest people in the world have more money than the bottom 95% put together! Collins doesn't use the terms 1% and 99% percent, but it's clear that those in the Capitol are members of the 1% and everyone in the Panem districts is part of the 99..."
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  • LINKS discussion

    Posted by Rob D'Alessio on 3/26/2012 5:53:00 AM
    Post general comments and questions to links posted, or share new links, or report dead links.
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  • TV commercials

    Posted by Rob D'Alessio on 3/14/2012 7:47:19 AM
     We have talked about subliminal suggestions in class and noted how commercials reinforce the idea that the viewer is deficient in something, which sends a negative message to people who are typically in a hyper-suggestible state while watching TV. In this context, is it true that "we are our own worst enemies," and if so do we have to rise above all this negative programming? Comment:
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  • General discussion

    Posted by Rob D'Alessio on 3/6/2012 2:05:00 PM
    1) How does power corrupt people?

    2) How does superstition affect human behaviour?

    3) How can appearences be different from reality? What influences our perceptions?

    4) Do you think that Shakespeare's plays are still relevant for today's audiences?  Is Shakespeare something that should continue to be taught in high school?  Give your reasons for or against these questions.  If you think Shakespeare should no longer be taught, provide what you think to be a suitable alternative.
    Technology has developed, and has changed our society and lifestyles, drastically over the last two decades.  What impact has technology had on literacy?  In your opinion, has it enhanced your literacy skills or detracted from them?  How has access to information changed the way you think and learn?  Do websites like Wikipedia impede or encourage learning?  Should our definition of literacy change as our definition of communication changes?

    Pick a character from a novel, play, short story or poem and either:

    a) Describe how you connect personally with this character, either through their character traits or your own life experiences;


    b) Describe how you think that character would fare in modern-day times, in Russell, Ontario.
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  • The Best of Times

    Posted by Rob D'Alessio on 3/6/2012 2:04:13 PM
    In Charles Dickens' Tale of Two Cities, it begins with one of the most famous lines in English literature: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."

    Looking at current events, what would you describe as being some of the best times and the worst times for our society, or for our world?
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  • Eat The Rich

    Posted by Rob D'Alessio on 3/6/2012 2:01:40 PM
     The title of this discussion comes from the Aerosmith song by the same name but more to the point, check out the article in the link below (facsinating studies on lower concept of ethics amoung rich people) This discussion is open to all classes but keep in mind that many business people have literally said, "Greed is good"?  This topic particularily works with ENG3C (re: 'Of Mice and Men') certainly.  As well, ENG3U (Re: 'Macbeth'). It's all about greed/ambition.  : http://www.cnn.com/2012/02/27/health/rich-more-unethical/index.html?hpt=hp_bn10 

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  • Horrendous luck

    Posted by Rob D'Alessio on 10/22/2010 10:27:47 AM
    Dear student of Mr. D'Alessio: Well as some of you may have heard, my car broke down Wednesday night when I was driving it.I had it temporarily fixed the next day (Thursday) but then later that night, it broke down again and died. On top of that I lost my cell phone for the 100th time (maybe it was just the 77th time...). Based on what we have learned in the class (IDC4O: affirmations; ENG4C: great authors have used their bad experiences as their muse/inspiration/motivation to their writing; CH2P/L: in a historical context, people have found ways to be very happy and successful and prosper in times of war, depression, and set-backs...  and based on your own experience, what do you think I should make of this. Here are some options I can think of:
    a) I have always used prayer and affirmations to remind myself that bad luck happens to everyone and can't be avoided but in the end the universe will unfold as it should and there will be more good times then bad
    b) not complain about my luck at all because there are billions of less fortunate people in the world that would be offended if they knew I was adopting a "woe is me" attitude (eg. 70% of people on the planet go to bed hungry each night, while other are mourning the loss of a loved one (etc). 
    c) Abandon the idea that prayers and affirmations can reduce events that cause stress.
    d) Think that I must have been a bad person in a previous life and this is why I get more bad luck than the average person. (As a Catholic, I do not believe in reincarnation but some of you have mentioned that you do and may want to weigh in on this).
    e) Think to myself that thinking that I get more bad luck than the average person is just an illusion
    f) Increase the amount of prayer and affirmations I use in my life
    g) buy a lottery ticket
    h) other 

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  • Discussion Board

    Posted by Rob D'Alessio on 9/5/2009 9:00:00 PM
    "In our society," href="../../../../blog/viewPost.phtml?profile_id=36125&beid=27159&sessionid=d92242560320240bfef3f5a3b0ac6e43"> "In our society, people who behave differently than the "status quo" are treated with fear, ignorance, and contempt." Comment on this....


    5.   Guess the first Snow Day Contes



    REFER TO ONE OF THE CLASS LINKS. Comment on one of the following:
    a) what you learned
    b) what you liked or didn't like
    c)how was this site helpful (or can it be helpful to others)...

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