• HZT 4U Philosophy: Questions & Theories

    Instructor: Mr. R. D'Alessio

     This course addresses three (or more) of the main areas of philosophy: metaphysics, logic, epistemology, ethics, social and political philosophy, and aesthetics. Students will learn critical-thinking skills, the main ideas expressed by philosophers from a variety of the world's traditions, how to develop and explain their own philosophical ideas, and how to apply those ideas to contemporary social issues and personal experiences. The course will also help students refine skills used in researching and investigating topics in philosophy.


  • Journal

    Is there a difference between an entertainer and an artist?

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  • Gord Downie Canada 150 We Day July 2, 2017


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  • DNA Connections


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  • 8 stages of Life acc2: Erikson

    Erik Erikson and Eight Stages of Life
    Transition: progress or change from one place, state, or condition to another
    Each stage of Erikson's theory represents a challenge or conflict an individual is faced with. If the challenge is successfully resolved, the individual makes a healthy transition to the next stage having acquired experiences and understandings to help resolve the challenges of …

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  • Wright/Beitman/Jung/Coincidences

    Dr. Bob Wright:
    three different types of happiness-- the hedonic (pleasure related), engaged happiness (activity related), and the highest level-- meaningful happiness (when a person has a sense of importance that what they are doing is contributing to others).
    Dr. Bernard Beitman:
    is the first psychiatrist since Carl Jung to attempt to systematize the study of coincidences and has developed a …

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  • Personality Type (Family Life)

    ​Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
    The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is the most well known personality model in the world. Using four dichotomies (opposite pairings), the MBTI sorts individuals into 16 different personality types.
    1) Extrovert vs. Introvert - Preferred focus of attention.
    Extroverts prefer to focus on people and things. Introverts prefer to focus on inner thoughts and …

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  • James Fowler's Six Stages of Faith Development

    1) Imaginative faith (birth - 7 years)
    - Positive images are healthy
    - Negative or fearful images unhealthy

    2) Literal faith (7 years - early teens)
    - faith story believed as literally or historically true
    - God viewed as rewarding and punishing behaviour
    - Bargaining stage (e.g. I will pray seven Hail Marys if you let me pass this exam)

    3) Group faith (late teens - early 20's)
    - Group exerts …

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  • Dyer's 6 Keys to the GOOD LIFE

    Wayne Dyer: Essential principles for finding your way to an inspired life, these include:
    1) Be independent of the good opinion of others
    2) Be willing to accept the disapproval of others
    3) Stay detached from outcomes
    4) Know that we need nothing/no things to be inspired
    5) Don’t die wondering
    6) Remember that our desires won’t arrive on our schedule. (I’m reminded here of an old quote …

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  • Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Development

    Moral reasoning is the process of discerning right from wrong. Lawrence Kohlberg believed the mental capacity necessary for discerning right from wrong to be present around the age of thirteen, and that enviromental factors, such as parents, teachers, and peers played an important role in an individual's moral development.

    Level one: Preconventional morality (focus on the self)
    Stage 1: …

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  • The good life

    Thoreau: "If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours."

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  • #TrendThink

    #TrendThink is our own class hashtag this semester for use in our discussion board and on Twitter to promote social commentary and class-inspired observations regarding social justice and potential paradigm shifts #paradigmshift

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  • Happy Trails

    Students: You have been a very thoughtful and wonderful group! Your efforts were impressive. Good luck on the rest of your exams and in your next and final semester. I look forward to seeing you at Prom & Grad. Be well.

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  • The Home Stretch

    During these last few days of the semester, you should begin studying for the final exam, scroll down to see the final exam review. We will review it in detail together in class on Thursday. You should also make sure you have most of the journals done by the end of the course. Please scroll down to see a list of all the journals. You also need to complete the following: 1. A 1 page blog on …

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  • Journals

    HZT4U Journals inventory: Wayne Dyer quote Rumi quote 2 wands “It’s the space between the bars…” “The Drunkard’s Walk” Thought experiment/Sept.15th journal Stress Text thought experiment Customer service The Tipping Point Happy v. rich What is cool? Person of Science, person of faith The Disappearance of the Universe What the Bleep Do We Know? Flat out insane? If you could help any …

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    HZT4U Final Exam Review:
    For the exam:
    Section 1 Short Answer--------------------------------------------/31 marks
    Section II Long Answer-------------------------------------------/31 marks
    Section III Definitions----------------------------------------------/23 marks
    Section IV True or false-------------------------------------------/10 marks
    Section V Essay Question …

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Discussion Topics

  • Peace

    Posted by Rob D'Alessio on 9/18/2013 6:41:00 AM
    Do you think peace in the world is possible? Explain. 
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  • What Inspires you?

    Posted by Rob D'Alessio on 9/17/2013 8:01:45 PM
     Name something that has or does inspire you or other or motivates or pumps you up or speaks to the human condition...
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    Posted by Rob D'Alessio on 7/10/2012 4:01:00 PM
    Anyting you want to talk about that relates to what we have debated (or class content or links etc). This "chat" is currently open to ENG3U, ENG4C, IDC4O, HZT4U, CPW4U, ENG1D, and CLU3M (eg. Interpret the quote: "Some laws are better than others.") (Eg."  I just saw the Hunger Games. Like the book it is based on, it is a philosophical and political film and it is a dystopia film. Here, you can share your thoughts, keeping in mind that the film has drawn varying interpretations for its political overtones, including arguments in favor of left-wing, right-wing, and libertarian viewpoints. The film displays a general distrust of government, regardless of the audience's political party affiliation.  Some viewers formed an opinion about The Hunger Games as a parable of the Occupy Wall Street activity.  The top 1% richest people in the world have more money than the bottom 95% put together! Collins doesn't use the terms 1% and 99% percent, but it's clear that those in the Capitol are members of the 1% and everyone in the Panem districts is part of the 99..."
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  • FDA

    Posted by Rob D'Alessio on 6/27/2012 8:36:00 AM
    The FDA has yet to approve one single non-toxic treatment for cancer or anything that isn't patented by a major pharmaceutical company. Some would say this is terrorism, your thoughts? 

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