• MPM 2D Principles of Mathematics

    Instructor: Mrs. D. Desjardins

    Welcome to Grade 10 Academic Math
    Grade 10 Math is an extension of the material in Grade 9.  This course enables students to broaden their understanding of relationships and extent their problem-solving and algebraic skills (solving equations, rearranging numerous formulas and graphing challenging mathematical situations encountered in real-life) through investigation, the effective use of technology, and abstract reasoning. Students will explore quadratic relations and their applications; solve and apply linear systems;verify properties of geometry figures using analytic geometry; and investigate the trigonometry of right and acute triangles. Students will reason mathematically and communicate their thinking as they solve multi-step problems.


  • Review of grade 9 essential skills

    It is very important that you have an understanding of the skills and concepts learned in Grade 9 Math. By now you should have the following skills mastered: Order of Operations using BEDMAS Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing Integers Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing Rational Numbers (i.e. fractions) Simplifying and/or Evaluating Equations Graphing Linear Equations and …

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