• course pic By combining traditional and contemporary art forms with new art forms and new and emergent technologies. This Media Arts course offers up a new discipline that is both engaging and challenging for the students who are introduced to the technical, historical, and theoretical aspects of those arts associated with the media; photography, video and film; computer-generated arts, and the new hybridized varieties found in combinations of the above. Varieties of media art are created with a focus on the solving of expressive and creative problems in the context of Gospel values. Hence, the course is geared towards thoughtful and creative production, with an emphasis at an introductory level on the acquisition of knowledge and skills needed to permit and encourage further study at the more exploratory and innovative levels.  The units are organized in a sequential way, beginning with an introduction to photography, the earliest of the media. The course focuses on a variety of media components and will incorporate cross-disciplinary projects by the exploration of storytelling through image, text, and sound. The moving image has been a great contributor to Media Arts since its creation, students learn about the history, language, and techniques of movie making. Through the conception, creation and production of an interactive environment using a variety of different media, students explore the integration and merging of skills learnt through extensive and well planned projects. In conclusion, students create a project based on a transformation or reworking of a previous piece done in the course, which is to be documented digitally.

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    Welcome to a new and exciting academic semester at St. Thomas Aquinas CHS. This semester promises to bring about several new learning queries and challenging opportunities. I wish each and everyone success during this new journey.

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