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  • In addition to exam review in class this week, here are some example questions: (Please bear with the gltiches in font, this website does not handle pastes from Word).

    Additional Exam Hints/examples:


     _____________ ______________ is added to a soil profile by the weathering of rock.

    1. Organic material
    2. Calcium carbonate
    3. Parent material
    4. Dark humus

     This is a major factor in determining the type of natural vegetation that grows in a region:

    1. Climate
    2. Humidity
    3. Availability of water
    4. Humus

     Which natural vegetation region has a variety of vegetation due to the range of temperatures, rainfall, soils and elevations in the region?

    1. West Coast Forest
    2. Western Cordilleran
    3. Boreal and Taiga Forest
    4. Mixed Forest
    5. Demographics is the study of:
    1. Population
    2. Climate
    3. Geographical Information Systems
    4. Geographical Inquiry

     When we combine the birth rate with the death rate we get a number referred to as the:

    1. Net Migration Rate
    2. Population Growth Rate
    3. Dynamic Population Rate
    4. Rate of Natural Increase

     The amount of time (in years) that it would take a country’s population to double at the current growth rate is referred to as:

    1. Compounding
    2. The Rule of 70
    3. The dependency load
    4. Doubling time


    Definitions (20 Marks)


    Air Mass

    Climate Region

    Residential School

    Transition Zone

    First Nations



    Short Answer

    1. What is Geography? (2 marks)

     Name the three ocean currents that affect Canada’s climate: (3 marks)

    1. What four factors would you look at to determine if a region has a maritime or continental climate? (4 marks)
    2. What are the 6 factors that manufacturing industries examine when deciding where to locate? (6 marks) 
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    Your country

    Supply and demand

    Bullet ant

    Machu Picchu



    Price of gas



    Rethinking How We View and Use Natural Resources handout

    Ch.20-21 terms: Urban, economic base, transportation hubs, big-box store, zoning, urban speawl, greenbelt

    p.276 #1-7

    OKA crisis

    Residential schools



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  • March 26th class:

    -The volcano doc on Mt. St. Helens that we watched March 26th can be viewed here:

    -Types of volcanoes:

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  • CGC 1D TEST #2 Test Review

    1. Be familiar with the information presented during the video on volcanoes and the Agori.
    2. Who came up with the theory of continental drift?
    3. In your own words, explain the theory of plate tectonics/continental drift.
    4. What clues or facts led the guy who came up with plate tectonics and continental drift to his theory? (4 of them)
    5. What is Pangaea? How is it related to plate tectonics?
    6. Explain the structure of the Earth. How is it like an avocado?  Be able to draw diagrams explaining the Earth’s structure.
    7. List the three types of weathering.
    8. Which four ways can erosion occur?
    9. Explain the process of compaction/cementation? What is the result of this process?
    • How does metamorphism work?
    • List and describe the three types of rock.
    • Be able to label the Rock Cycle. Able to label – that rhymes!
    • Landscapes are shaped by two major events, one long term and one short term. What are they?
    • Define glaciation. How does it help to shape the landscape?
    • What are Canada’s 7 landform regions? Describe each one in terms of age, content, appearance, location, formation.
    1. Know some of the types of forests
    2. Know what effect melting glaciers and cutting down of rain forests has
    3. Explain why Niagara Falls is in a different location than it was 50,000 years ago.


    Define the following terms:



    Extrusive Crystallization





    Glacial erratic



    Intrusive Crystallization

    Weather, climate, prevailing winds, jet stream, tundra, great lakes, Spirit Lake,


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  • On Mar.22, we will be covering: great lakes, Appalachians, weather, climate, prevailing winds, jet stream, tundra, and forests/types.

    Term 1 Summative Checklist thus far:

    Agorie Journal, handouts: p.61 q's/p.47 #2-5, pie graph, ocean currents handout q's, essay, text: p. 102 Task #5, p.96 Task 1&2, p.84 #1, and questions from p.110-118 i.e.,: Define tsunami and give 2 examples, define continental drift, define Canadian Shield, In the 2004 tsunami, which had the least warning (Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia)? Why?, What is the difference between core and mantle? #2&4 p.117, #1-6 p.118 (use internet for 6 (a). 

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    1998 Ice Storm

    biggest planet

    PM/Premiere/3 levels of gov't/lobby group/how is religion related to politics?

    types of maps

    literacy rate

    relative measure

    geographic indicators


    population density




    Map assignment (know New York City's location in relation to north, east, south, west of other locations such as Aruba, Ottawa, Florida Panhandle, Africa, and Philideplphia)


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  • This is where due dates will be posted and updated:

    Overdue: Essay on a natural disaster; Feb.20 text work; Feb.22 text work 


    Geological Journey assignment==Mar.29


    Collector's List============April 3

    Test=================== April 12

    Lorax Assignment==========April 13

    Term II Essay=============April 13

    Test=================April 23

    Culminating Task=========June 6

    Town Walk/Map==========June 5

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  • Students have been working hard on their natural disaster 5 paragraph expository essay and have been reading and writing about how connected we are to the global community, we have been introduced to politics and we have made a theme map. Our first test review will take place this week. 

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