Degrees and Certifications:


    overdue: Diagnostic 


    *Unit 1, Activity 2: overdue  

    *Unit 2, Activity 1: overdue

    Test #1 (Unit 1 &2): Sept. 22

    *Unit 2, Activity 3: overdue

    *Unit 3, Activity 6: overdue

    Test #2 (Unit 2 &3): Oct. 1st

    MAP: overdue

    3 paragraph Opinion Piece: a) Do you think Canada is a cultural mosaic or a melting pot? Explain. B) How does cultural diversity benefit Canada? C) Immigration yea or nea?: overdue

    Test #3: Oct. 15th

    3 paragraph Opinion Piece: What Makes Canada Unique: overdue

    Last date to hand in "pick a country" assignment, text work and journals: Nov.9th

    Culminating Task: Nov.10th 

    *on Brightspace D2L “content”

    A reminder: do not complete all the assignments in “content” of Brightspace/D2L (there is much more there than what is assigned, if there is an assignment there that has not been assigned and you wish to complete in lieu of another assigned assignment, ask your teacher).  


    Brightspace/D2L link:

    Alternatively, you can go to and access BrightSpace that way)

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  • Week 3 Links: 1. Extreme Heat:

    2. Hurricane arriving in Texas, August 2020: 

    3. : (Sea levels)


    5. (Oumuamua)

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  • 2020-21 Semester 1 (Quadmester 1) Please note this site (as well as the e-learning Brightspace site) will be under construction until Sept. 8th. Please come back soon. 

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  • -The volcano doc on Mt. St. Helens that we will watch can be viewed here:

    -Types of volcanoes:

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  • Welcome to Gr.9 Geography with Mr. D'Alessio page. You can e-mail questions to Rob.D' 

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