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    Having finished our first unit on Ancient Mesopotamia  Ancient Egypt, we will now turn our attention to Ancient Greece. First, we will explore the myths and stories of the Greeks; then, we will discuss the Persian Wars and the Classical Moment in Athens.

    Picture below: Ancient Greek Theatre. The Greeks were the first to perform comedies and tragedies during festivals which saw popular playwrights compete for the top prize.

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  • Culminating Task: Topics and Groups

    Here are the topic and groups for the culminating task:

    • Chapter 7: Islamic Middle East (open)
    • Chapter 8: African Kingdoms (Logan, Conner)
    • Chapter 9: India (open)
    • Chapter 10: China (Beatrice, Keegan, Josh)
    • Chapter 11: Japan (Avienda, Peter, Tina)
    • Chapter 12: The Maya (Alec, Jacob, Andrew)
    • Chapter 13: The Aztecs (Josh, Macen, Colin)
    • Chapter 14: The Inca (Colin, Evan, Braden)
    • Chapter 15: The Early Middle Ages (Anwar, Logan, Max)
    • Chapter 16: The High Middle Ages (Adelle, Rebecca)
    • Chapter 17:The Late Middle Ages (Thomas, Kayla)


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Ancient Greek Theatre
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