• With all this crazy weather so far this week, the semester will be extended by one more day so that you have a chance to have one more class with all your teachers.As previouls discussed last week, you will write the SES4U task after you write your exam.

    The task is only one period - 75 minutes or less, and does not include anything from the astronomy portion of the course - it is all on Geology.  You also know that there is a "find the epicentre of an earthquake" question.  Focus on things that we have DONE in class, not just things that we have learned about in class.  This way - you only have to worry about one thing at a time, and you can focus all you studying energy on SES4U for the one day.  Once you are done you task, you are free to go.

     Take time to go build a snow man today, or help someone with their shovelling!  It will be good for you and them!






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