• Welcome to Grade 9 academic math with Mrs. Jackson. 

    We live in interesting times where things are changing quickly and it is difficult to predict what might happen next!  While it may be challenging at times, we will get through this.  There are lots or resources out there for whatever you need - don't be afraid to ask.

    For our math class - I will be learning right along with you.  The OneNote page is transitioning to Teams, but you will still see all the videos, homework and resources the way that we have previously.  Hopefully this will allow for more interactive participation with students and video conferencing.  

    You can access Teams through Office 365.  If anyone does not have internet access or has difficulty logging in, please contact via email at ann.jackson@cdsbeo.on.ca  If email is not possible, you have forgotten passwords, or you do not have regular access, please let me know so that we can plan next steps.

    Good Luck with your studies!  Keep positive!