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    sociology; adaptive behaviours; adolescence; AIDS; affective nurturance; age condensed; anecdotal evidence; “jaded”; anthropology; Prof. Jordan Peterson; arranged marriage; companion marriage; baby boom; social worker; three basic types of parenting; “African Violet Lady”; thoughts equation; % of students go to university; Name 3 TV shows that are based around the premise of family life; What is the song “Cats in the Cradle” about?; What is the song “Long Time Running” about?; What is meant by “Siblings Pecking Order”?; List 4 reasons why marriages fail; Describe the gist of “How Do We Handle Crucial Conversations” and one other journal; What can you tell about graduation pictures?; What is your interpretation of the quote: “We think in categories.” 

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  • Test: March 18th 

    Test: April 3 

    Test: May 2

    BIO essay: May 27 

    ISU for U level (essay for C level): May 30 

    Culminating Task: June 11th 

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  • ENG4C: Titanic

    Families in Canada: Forever the Girl

    CLU3M: Finding Nemo 

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  • -Why do people do what they do? How do they make deciions? How do they know what is right or wrong? How do they learn?

    -Why do groups do what they do? Societies? Governments? (Why did NASA go to the Moon?)

    -If you like to worry about things, you are living at a great time. So, what of optimistic ways of outlooks? How do we deal with problems (death, divorce, relationship drama, work-place issues, health issues, climate change, disease, poverty, war, money...)?



    -What is money? 


    -Political Spectrum 

    -What is the key to societal improvement theories...

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  • Predict what a family in 2100 will look like.

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  • Journals and text work due each Friday starting: Feb.8th  

    Assignment 1------------ Feb.12th 

    Choice of ISU topic-------Feb.12th

    Sitcom Assignment-------Feb.22

    ISU Phase 1--------------Feb.28th

    Test ----------------------Feb.28th

    Constellation Assignment-Mar.28th


    Opinion essay------------Mar.28th

    Family in a Box Group Project-April 30th

    Test-----------------------April 30th

    Wedding Planner Budget-May 15th

    ISU Phase 2 --------------May 30th

    Test------------------------May 30th

    Film Project---------------June 10th

    ISU------------------------June 11

    Culminating Task---------June 11

    Coco questions t.b.d 

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  • In unit one, students will learn about what family is. General APA guidelines and formatting will be outlined in this unit so that students are able to properly cite and reference outside material as they complete coursework. Students will learn about the history of the family before moving into what a family looks like today. Students will be introduced to different types of families and explore their own family in detail. We will discuss world views and their effect on family life in Canada. 

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  • About the course: This course enables students to draw on sociological, psychological, and anthropological theories and research to analyse the development of individuals, intimate relationships, and family and parent-child relationships. Students will focus on issues and challenges facing individuals and families in Canada. They will develop analytical tools that enable them to assess various factors affecting families and to consider policies and practices intended to support families in Canada. They will develop the investigative skills required to conduct and communicate the results of research on individuals, intimate relationships, and parent-child relationships.

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