• Exam Review

    HRE1O Exam Review

    Short Answer

    10 commandments/Moses


    The Mighty

    Our Lady of Fatima

    Patch Adams

    Simon Birtch

    Golden Rule

    Journal responses (1. Selfless 2. Be prepared to discuss one of the 10 Commandments and three reasons why you think people in our world do not always respect that Commandment.)

    Multiple Choice

    -The Bible was written by:

    -The Fifth Commandment:

    -Blessed are those who mourn means

    -Types of literature found in the Bible

    -types of prayer

    Long Answer

    Relationships or moral decisions


    (pick any 11 amount) (22 marks)

    Old Testament; New Testament; Divine Inspiration; creed; Canon; Divine Revelation; Myth; Prophecy; Sermon; Proverb; Pharaoh, Parables; Psalm; Gospel; Arc of the Covenant; Beatitude; Virtues;   meditation; rosary; Immaculate Conception; mortal sin, venial sin; restorative justice, reconciliation

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  • Test Review

    HRE1O Test Review

    Test: Friday Dec. 6th

    Short Answer

    -Beatitudes: Blessed are the ____________ (Name 4 of 8) (4)

    -10 Commandments (Know all 10) (10)

    -Ethics (define and give an example of a complicated/difficult ethical dilemma/situation) (3)

    -5 People You Meet in Heaven

    -Patch Adams


    -The Golden Rule

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  • 1 paragraph: what is the gist of the documentery? Compare and contrast it to Patch Adams. What is your opinion of it? Other guiding questions that can also be used as test study questions:

    Is Michael Moore controversial? Explain. 

     what does the film suggest about the values of America? 

     Why can other industrialized countries—France, England and Canada, for example—provide all of their citizens with free and comprehensive health care along with supportive care during recovery? 

     Why does the United States have more than 46 million people without any health insurance and tens of millions more with inadequate coverage? 

     is there anything that isn't free that you think should be in life? Explain. 

     is there anything that is free that you think should not be in life? Expalin. 

     What would Jesus say about health care? Explain in one or more paragraph(s) 

     Is it OK from someone to work for a pharmacudical company or a tobocco company or a gun company? Explain 

     Can you think of an example of a company that you feel is good and ethical and can you think of one that is not? Explain. 

     Would an employer rather hire someone who was in debt up to his/her ears or someone who had no debt? Explain 

     Write a paragraph about what benefits you think a gov't should be ethically/morally required to provide to citiziens 

     What benefits do you think an employer should be morally required to provide for its employers? 

     What benefits do you think would be nice but do not fall under the umbrella of moral obligation for a company or gov't? 

     What is the difference between rights and privlages and how does morality tie into our concept of these things? 

     What would you do if you were to set out and make a documentery that showed the pharmasudicals in a different light? 

    Follow up clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97N18BTyj4w

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  • This course engages students in the examination of the Christian narrative as revelaed in Sacred Scripture. Students are invited to a deepr understanding of both th ejoy and demands of living the call to discipleship as it is described in the Scriptures. This course focuses on encourgaing students to know and love by following in the footsteps of Jesus. 

    This website is now active. Stay tuned. Test reviews, test dates, and due dates and other announcements will be posted here. Meanwhile, you can also use the Remind App and if you have any questions, e-mail: Rob.D'Alessio@cdsbeo.on.ca 

    The clips from "The 10 Commandments" shown in class were taken from the film "The 10 COmmandments": https://media3.criterionpic.com/htbin/wwform/006?T=P06524

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