• photo cover This course is designed to introduce students to the knowledge and skills that they need to meet the entrance requirements for specific college and university programs.  Fine arts concepts in the element and principles of design will be applied to digital photographic techniques.
    The course provides students with extensive theory and the opportunity to create a university/college-entry portfolio. This multi-tasking course challenges self-reliant students in camera operations, digital darkroom, exposure to the traditional black-and-white film photographic process, lighting techniques and the history of photography.
    Students will also deal with contemporary social justice issues in the solution of an independent visual problem. Throughout the course, students examine and use critical thinking and problem solving strategies to inform their creative process while building a presentation portfolio. Units are supported and developed through a variety of preliminary assignments, the students’ ability to solve both technical and visual problems, to correctly apply taught skills and their application of the design process through a variety of creative approaches. Teaching and learning will emphasize theoretical and practical photographic applications. The development of independent research and learning skills will also be emphasized.

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    Welcome to a new and exciting academic semester at St. Thomas Aquinas CHS. This semester promises to bring about several new learning queries and challenging opportunities. I wish each and everyone success during this new journey.

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