• 7D


    Yellowstone 2019

    Instructor: Ms. L. McMartin

    Students and parents of 7D, welcome to STA! You will find information regarding classes and school events on this page.  There are also links to the Grade 7/8 calendar that is updated regularly.  Postings for homework, quizzes, and tests will be available through this page; be sure to check these postings to keep informed.  If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact me through the Faculty link to e-mail or calling the school. Looking forward to sharing a successful first year at STA!



Homeroom Announcements


    Hi 7D students!  I don't plan on posting any more information on our 7D homeroom's website now that we are all established in Microsoft Teams.  Any updates and information will be posted there.

    As always, you can reach me through email.  Any questions or concerns, just give me a shout.


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    If you left your Nelson Mathematics 7 textbook at school, you can now access it online, and even print pages from your computer or tablet.  This is a free service provided to us by Nelson.

    Click on the following link: https://www.nelson.com/learningonline/k12openaccess/

    You'll need to answer a few questions, and then you will use the username and password given to access the "mynelson" link.  Once in "mynelson," unclick the unecessary subjects so that just Math is selected.  The grade 7 text will appear.  When you click on "Nelson Mathematics 7," the chapters will appear.  Next click on the chapter you need to access.  All of the lessons/text pages will appear for you to select from.  Then just open the PDF file.

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  • MATHIFY- Don't forget that you have access to online Math tutoring.  The website is currently offering extended tutoring for students in grades 6 through 10 and tutoring will be available Monday-Friday, 9am to 8pm and Sunday, 3:30pm to 9pm.

    The link: TVO Mathify


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    UofWaterloo is introducing a new resource called “CEMC at Home”. Most weekdays, the CEMC will post something for each of four grade levels: Grade 4/5/6, Grade 7/8, Grade 9/10, and Grade 11/12. The goal is to provide a wide variety of fun and educational ways to do mathematics and computer science while at home practicing social distancing. The resources will include games, new problems to solve, applications, videos, pointers to existing materials and more.

    There is now a dedicated CEMC at Home webpage where the resources will be posted. You can find the resources at the following link:


    New resources will be posted on this webpage most weekdays starting March 23. You can go and check out the first round of resources now! You can either return to the website each day to find any new resources, or subscribe to receive email updates when new resources are posted. You can subscribe by entering your email address in the “Subscribe Now!” section on the CEMC at Home webpage.

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  • LINK FOR UOFWATERLOO MATH PROBLEM OF THE WEEK: If students wish to continue their efforts at completing enrichment tasks, please use the link below to visit the University of Waterloo's "Problem of the Week" site.  Make sure to click on the grades 7 & 8 questions.


    You can email me your solution or give them to me when we return.

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