• AVI 4M This course focuses on the refinement of students’ skills and knowledge in visual arts. Students will analyse art forms; use theories of art in analysing and producing art. They will produce a body of work demonstrating a personal approach that explore a wide range of subject matter, and will evaluate art works, providing grounds for their aesthetic judgments. Students will increase their understanding of stylistic changes in modern and contemporary Western art, Canadian (including Native Canadian) art, and art forms from various parts of the world.


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    Welcome to a new and exciting academic semester at St. Thomas Aquinas CHS. This semester promises to bring about several new learning queries and challenging opportunities. I wish each and everyone success during this new journey.

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Discussion Topics

  • U5D1

    Posted by Luc LeTendre on 1/29/2013 6:59:21 AM
    In your opinion, what aspect of a sculpture (subject, media, size, content) is required to engage the viewer? Why?
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  • U3D1

    Posted by Luc LeTendre on 1/29/2013 6:58:53 AM
    In your opinion, what is the most expressive part of a painting – the elements & principles of design, subject, content, technical applications or other? Why?
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  • U2D1

    Posted by Luc LeTendre on 1/29/2013 6:58:26 AM
    In your opinion, what element or technical application is most important to create a successful drawing?
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  • U1D2

    Posted by Luc LeTendre on 1/29/2013 6:58:01 AM
    To pursue an art-related career, what types of skills or important qualities do you think a person should possess, or attempt to develop? Support your arguments.
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  • U1D1

    Posted by Luc LeTendre on 1/29/2013 6:57:37 AM
    Neo-Classicism rejected concepts explored in the post-Renaissance (Mannerism, Baroque and Rococo) and returned to a design practice used by the Greeks, Romans and later by the artists of the Renaissance. Why would artists return to an older style of creating art? Support your arguments.
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