• CHC 2P Canadian History

    Instructor: Mr. Robert D'Alessio

    CH2P covers Canadian History from 1900- the present. 

    This course traces Canadian history from Wilfrid Laurier’s pronouncement that the twentieth century belongs to Canada to the United Nations’ recognition of Canada as one of the best countries in which to live. Students will learn about various expressions of Canadian identity, the stories of individuals and communities, and changes in political and social structures. Students will discover the importance in historical studies of chronology and cause-and-effect relationships. As well, they will be given opportunities to formulate appropriate questions, develop informed opinions, and present information in a variety of ways.


  • Gord Downie Canada 150 We Day July 2, 2017


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  • Journal: Censorship

    Min. 1 paragraph
    To what extent do you think there should be censorship? (Example questions to answer: Do you think the gov't should ban certain books, films, websites (etc)? ​If I own a TV station and you pay me to air an ad, should I be legally obligated to air that ad or can I choose not to if I don't support or agree with your message or product? If I am a late night talk show host should I …

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  • May 8/9th work

    Chapter 9:1. p.177 #5-6 (2)2. Define a) Iron Curtain b) NATO c) peacekeeper d) Arms Race e) NORAD (10)3. What is the UN Security Council? Is it more or less important than the W.H.O? (2)4. What did Igor Gouzenko do to protect himself? (1)5. p.180 #7 (2)6. International conflict occurred less than 5 years after WWII, a) give 2 examples b) Canada became involved in the war in _____________ (name …

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  • Ch.1 & 2 in-class text work

    text work Ch.1 &2: p.10 #7, 8; p.12, #9-10; p.16 #12, 13, 14; p.20 #18; p.23 # 21-22; p.25 #24; p.29 #1, 3; p.30 #2; p.35 #5 and #6 (an expository/opinion paragraph can be written in lieu of the "cartoon"), p.41 #10; p.45 (pick # 14 or 15 or 16); p.49 #21;

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  • Remind App

    If you would like due dates and important reminders sent to you by text messages throughout this semester, ask your teacher for details about the Remind App.

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  • #TrendThink

    #TrendThink is our own class hashtag this semester for use in our discussion board and on Twitter to promote social commentary and class-inspired observations regarding social justice and potential paradigm shifts #paradigmshift

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  • General steps to following through on a project


    2. Brainstorm ideas

    3. Create Outline

    4. Conduct Research

    5. Revise Outline

    6. Conduct more Research

    7. Reference Research (citationmachine.net)

    8. Write Rough Draft- turn your outline points into sentences

    9. Proofread & Edit

    10. Write Final Draft

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  • I too am American


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  • Iran's new President sworn in


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  • List of Canadian Prime Ministers


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  • Today's essay tip

    Be careful with the use of the word "like" in formal essays. We usually use this word to compare one thing to another or as a simile. But it is too informal in an essay to say "...promising to not raise taxes is like promising jobs for everyone." It doesn't matter how logical or clear your point is, you should say: "...promising to raise taxes is comparable to promising jobs for everyone..." …

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  • media quote of the day

    ‎"A newspaper is a device incapable of distinguishing between a bicycle accident and the collapse of civilization" - George Will

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  • Submitting files

    When submitting work, please make sure that you are using Microsoft Word, notepad, wordpad, or power point... I am unable to open other files such as Adobe/PTF or Word Perfect (etc)

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  • being added as a member of the webpage

    If you add yourself to be a member of the page to be able to participate and receive updates etc, please let me know if you do not receive a confirmation as there are often technical glitches when adding members. Thanks.

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  • Final exam Review

    The review for the FINAL EXAM is now posted. Scroll down to Course files.

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Discussion Topics

  • Peace

    Posted by Rob D'Alessio on 9/18/2013 6:41:00 AM
    Do you think peace in the world is possible? Explain. 
    Comments (289)
  • LINKS discussion

    Posted by Rob D'Alessio on 3/26/2012 5:53:00 AM
    Post general comments and questions to links posted, or share new links, or report dead links.
    Comments (50)
  • The Best of Times

    Posted by Rob D'Alessio on 3/6/2012 2:04:13 PM
    In Charles Dickens' Tale of Two Cities, it begins with one of the most famous lines in English literature: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."

    Looking at current events, what would you describe as being some of the best times and the worst times for our society, or for our world?
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  • Horrendous luck

    Posted by Rob D'Alessio on 10/22/2010 10:27:47 AM
    Dear student of Mr. D'Alessio: Well as some of you may have heard, my car broke down Wednesday night when I was driving it.I had it temporarily fixed the next day (Thursday) but then later that night, it broke down again and died. On top of that I lost my cell phone for the 100th time (maybe it was just the 77th time...). Based on what we have learned in the class (IDC4O: affirmations; ENG4C: great authors have used their bad experiences as their muse/inspiration/motivation to their writing; CH2P/L: in a historical context, people have found ways to be very happy and successful and prosper in times of war, depression, and set-backs...  and based on your own experience, what do you think I should make of this. Here are some options I can think of:
    a) I have always used prayer and affirmations to remind myself that bad luck happens to everyone and can't be avoided but in the end the universe will unfold as it should and there will be more good times then bad
    b) not complain about my luck at all because there are billions of less fortunate people in the world that would be offended if they knew I was adopting a "woe is me" attitude (eg. 70% of people on the planet go to bed hungry each night, while other are mourning the loss of a loved one (etc). 
    c) Abandon the idea that prayers and affirmations can reduce events that cause stress.
    d) Think that I must have been a bad person in a previous life and this is why I get more bad luck than the average person. (As a Catholic, I do not believe in reincarnation but some of you have mentioned that you do and may want to weigh in on this).
    e) Think to myself that thinking that I get more bad luck than the average person is just an illusion
    f) Increase the amount of prayer and affirmations I use in my life
    g) buy a lottery ticket
    h) other 

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