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Time Keeper q's

The Time Keeper Mitch Albom questions
DUE: Nov.22
  1. What is that D’or does that lead to him becoming Father Time? Explain. (5)
  2. What does Ethan do to Sarah that is inappropriate? (1)
  3. What gift does Sarah buy Ethan that is not appropriate? (1)
  4. Which character attempts suicide and why? (2)
  5. When Victor is shown what happens hundreds of years in the future after he is cryogenically frozen, does he like what he sees or not? Explain. (3)
  6.  Time is a major theme in this book. What importance does time hold for you, and for the current generation? (5)
  7. Compare and contrast The Time Keeper with the film About Time and explain which one you prefer? Explain. (10)
  8.     Albom writes in short bursts and scenes are divided, which gives the book a unique cadence. What do you think was Albom’s intention here? (2)
  9.     Do you think God’s punishment of Dor was too harsh? Today, our lives are defined by time, and we often forget its significance. Was there a positive effect of Dor’s first attempt to measure time? (5)
  10.     Albom pulled together elements of myth and history to craft Dor’s narrative. Can you identify any parallel myths? For ex., in the story of King Nim and the tower. (2)
  11.     Consider Sarah. Do you think Albom created a realistic portrayal of a teenage girl? (2)
  12. Considering Dor’s eventual obsession with measurements of time, what are the dangers of such an approach to life? Where do you draw the line? (2)
  13. Chapter 36 begins with the question “Can you imagine having endless time to learn?” Would you want time to be endless? Why or why not? (5)
  14. Who in society today could you say that Nim could be symbolic of? Explain. (4)
  15. When D’or sort of froze time by turning the hour glass what are some of the things he was able to do? (3)
    The book in its entirety can be viewed here: