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Final Exam Review


ENG3C Final Exam



Duration: 2 hours

                         Additional review details and sample questions will be provided on the last two days of class.

The following mark beak down is subject to change*

Section 1: Multiple Choice----------------------------------------------------- 22

Section 2: True of False---------------------------------------------------------5

Section 3: Short Answer --------------------------------------------------------71

Section 4: Quotations-------------------------------------------------------------15

Section 5: Grammar--------------------------------------------------------------25

Section 6: Definitions-------------------------------------------------------------6



Study: novels (M&M/F4A), films (DPS/Simone/Great Debaters)), handouts (media, theme, fake news, dystopia etc), old tests, and poetry (there was no poetry test, so be sure to know: types of poems, literary device terms such as simile, metaphor, paradox, personification, connotation, denotation, pun, oxymoron, hyperbole, onomatopia), and short stories covered in class es. “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas.”

Section 1: Multiple Choice (22)


  1. Which character in Of Mice & Men was unhappy in marriage?
  2. Frank
  3. Candy
  4. Slim
  5. Curley’s wife
  6. Crook


  1. Who doesn’t want to kill their dog?
  2. Candy
  3. The boxer
  4. Curley
  5. All of the above


  1. What does Carpe Diem mean?
  2. Seize the day
  3. Seize tomorrow
  4. Seize today


Section 2: True of False (5)


  1. In Of Mice and Men, George and Lennie were late for their first day of work because they missed their train because of the trouble in Weed. _____


Section 3: Short Answer (71)



  1. In Of Mice & Men, what is the genre, setting, and climax? (7)




  1. In Of Mice & Men, how is the killing of Lennie similar to the killing of Candy’s dog? Why do you think George killed Lennie himself instead of letting the men do it? (5)




  1. In Of Mice & Men, what do you think the author’s intention is in terms of the reader’s emotion during the last scene? Explain. (4)




Section 4: Quotations (15)

Read each quotation and briefly explain how it is significant to Charlie’s increasing intelligence in Flowers for Algernon.


  1. “Then I saw the look on Joe’s face and it gave me a funny feeling in my stomach.” (3)




Section 5: Grammar (25)


  1. In the following paragraph, underline the topic sentence and cross out the sentence that does not support it: (2)

The Great Wall of China, the world’s largest structure, was built along the northern border of China. It is nearly 6,400 kilometers in length. Many scientists have examined parts of the wall that have been shaken by earthquakes. The wall stretches from the eastern coastal town of Shan-hai-kuan to small western town of Chia-yu-kuan.



Section 6: Definitions: (6)

EXAMPLES: Theme                                                    protagonist