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Specialist High Skills Major at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School

Students take a bundle of 8-10 courses in Grades 11 and 12 including 4 “major” credits in their area of interest. English, mathematics, science , or business courses are designed to complement the “majors”.
Students take at least 2 co-op credits and get valuable experience related to their SHSM.
St. Thomas Aquinas CHS offers 2 different SHSM; The Environment and Health and Wellness.
after starting the program a student decides that this is not for them?

All credits earned in an SHSM    program count towards the  completion of a standard  Ontario  Secondary School  Diploma.
Any certifications or training gained will hold a student in good stead fro part-time jobs or work placements. Co-op is a valuable experience, allowing a student to discover what they like doing, and just as importantly, what they don’t like doing.

SHSM students will:
HEAR and SEE first hand what a career in their sector feels and looks like.
DISCOVER the relationship between school and careers;
NETWORK with post-secondary institutions, local industries, and businesses;
GAIN confidence in their ability to succeed;
COMPLETE industry recognized certifications and training;
OPEN doors for summer jobs and future employment ;
EARN a RED SEAL designation on their OSSD.